W Series

Chempump’s W series, canned motor, two stage, regenerative turbine pumps are specifically designed and manufactured for high-head, low flow applications.By combining the pump and motor in a single, sealless unit, the installation and operating cost normally associated with conventional regenerative turbine pumps is greatly reduced. No special foundations, costly leveling, alignment or external lubrication is required. Also, because there are no dynamic seals fluids cannot leak out nor can they be contaminated by in-leakage.

The principle operation of the regenerative turbine pump is that the fluid enters the pump suction and flows to both sides of the first stage turbine wheel. This design, in effect, acts similar to a double suction pump and balances the axial thrust. The interstage and side plates surrounding the turbine wheel provide an annular channel where the pressure of the pumped fluid is continuously increased by the rotation of the turbine wheels. The fluid is drawn into the spaces between the turbine wheels and discharged out into the channel thus imparting kinetic energy, which is partially converted to pressure head. This occurs repeatedly between the first and second stages. The end result is a high differential pressure (up to 345 psi). To meet specific system requirements, the radius of the side plates are modified to produce any desired head that falls within the standard performance curves.