General Details

The Eclipse® Series is a line of innovational non-metallic and metallic industrial gear pumps designed for optimal performance and simplicity in operation and maintenance. When compared to centrifugal pumps, Eclipse® has a smaller installed footprint, lower required horsepower and shipping weight. This means dramatic costs savings throughout the life of the pump.

Eclipse® Series pumps are built for use in the harshest industrial environments. Designed to be structurally rugged with corrosion-resistant materials, the Eclipse® is an ideal fit for many medium to highly corrosive liquids used in the chemical processing, pulp and paper and water treatment industries.


Corrosion Resistance:
• All wetted components are completely non-metallic or alloy.
• The Non-Metallic Eclipse Series Housing and gear pump housings and gears are made of Engineered Fluoropolymers with excellent corrosion resistance and strength over a broad range of chemicals and temperatures.
The Metallic Eclipse Series is supplied with Alloy Housings and Carbon Resin Filled TFE Gears and is available in 316LSS or Hastelloy C construction. No need for expensive high alloys prone to corrosion damage.

Sealless Design:
• Eclipse® Series pumps are magnetically
driven, meaning there is no mechanical seal with contacting seal faces that are prone to wear and leakage.
• Eliminates costly seal flush systems required for double mechanical seals.
• Zero leakage, no emissions of hazardous or regulated chemicals.
• A non-metallic containment can eliminates energy loss and heat rise due to Eddy Current losses common in metallic pumps.

Dry Run Capabilities:
• Capable of up to 30 minutes of dry-run conditions when supplied with Carbon Bearings.
• Pump is protected from damage during system upset conditions such as a closed suction valve or empty supply tank.
• The patent pending bearing design promotes constant lubrication during periods of dry run.

Economical, Advanced Design:
Front-Pullout Design All typical wear components can be easily replaced by removing the front cover only. No need to disconnect piping or motor connections. Reduced pump down-time for repair or scheduled maintenance.

eclipse_kopkitsAdvanced design utilizes a fraction of the parts used in other pump technologies. Fewer parts make it easier to inventory, maintain and service. Patented Housing Insert Transfers wear from center housing to the insert. 100% renewable performance with the change of a KOPKit. KOPkits are designed to guard against unnecessary down time and ensure the highest level of efficient and uninterrupted service. This kit includes the recommended spare parts to maintain as-new hydraulic performance.

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