Alloy Gear Pump

Like the ISOCHEM® centrifugal and regenerative turbine pumps, the ISOCHEM® gear pump incorporates many standard features that are unsurpassed in quality by other seal-less pump manufacturers.


The numerous material combinations available make ISOCHEM® pumps ideal for continuous duty industrial applications over:

• wide temperature ranges (-73 °C to 232 °C),

• viscosity ranges (thin fluids – 0.25 cps / viscous fluids – 100,000 cps),

• pressure variations (differential pressures up to 13.8 bar (200 psig) on certain models)

These self-priming pumps yield a constant volume for a particular drive speed and provide linear pulsation-free flows. They depend only upon fluids pumped for cooling, and are designed with component materials which are inherently self-lubricating.


ISOCHEM® gear pumps are easy to maintain. All that is required to inspect the internal components is the removal of a single end plate. Therefore, these pumps can be repaired in the field in a matter of minutes – without removal from your system – because we use completely interchangeable quality-controlled parts.

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