Extrusion Gear Melt Pumps

MAAG has manufactured Extrusion Process Melt pumps for more than 30 years during which time they have designed the highest quality Melt pump available to the marketplace leading to a place of prominence in the world of Extrusion processing. MAAG’s EXTREX Series Melt pumps provide significant benefits to the Extruder’s performance as noted below.

• Increased sustained dimensional consistency of the Melt to Sheet or Blown-Film Dies.

• The elimination of pulsations from the Extruder which translates to better gauge or weight control of the Melt.

• Higher Production Rates

• Increased levels of Regrind capability

• Higher yields as a result of lower material usage

• Lower Energy consumption

• Return on Investment typically within one year

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For additional information of MAAG EXREX Extrusion Melt pumps, Screen Changers and Dies please contact us or visit MAAG’s website.