Pulsar Hypopump®

Innovative Hydraulic Diaphragm Metering Pump for Vapor Handling

The Pulsar Hypopump ® is specifically designed to meter all concentrations of Sodium Hypochlorite and its vapors. Its patent pending design allows pressurized process fluid to cyclically flush liquid and vapors through the pump’s discharge check system while maintaining high performance and chemical dosing accuracy.

Gas Handling Design – Eliminates gas buildup that normally causes true metering pumps to bind up or lose prime

Compact and Sealless – Design is integral to the pump head and eliminates the need for expensive, unsafe, and unreliable bypass systems that are prone to clogging while promoting clean and lead free performance.

Self Priming by Design – Enhances self priming capabilities since the pump system automatically evacuates entrained air in the pump head and piping system

Exclusive Patent pending design – Generational leap in fluid and gas handling metering pump technology – provides years of uninterrupted service without frequent parts replacements such as tubing, rotors, or stators.

Maximum Interchangeability – Components are interchangeable with the Pulsar® Hydraulic Diaphragm pump, which minimizes inventory.

Corrosion Resistant Hardware – Standard Stainless steel reagent head bolts and tie bar studs and nuts and powder coated tie bars for maximum atmospheric corrosion resistance.

Four Bolt Tie Bar System – Resists connection forces and piping strain while promoting leak-free performance

Three component check valve system – High performance ball valve system features wide clearance flow path with controlled rise and four point guide, assuring optimum life and high performance accuracy.

Universal Design – Available with NPT, BSPT, ANSI flange and DIN flange connections, speed and stroke controllers for a multitude of voltages and currents, NEMA and IEC motor adapters for global installations.

Wide variety of system control options – Available with standard manual stroke adjustment as well as all exclusive Pulsar® speed and stroke control options.

Field Proven Performance – Preferred solution in a wide variety of successful installations throughout the CPI, Power Generation, Pulp and Paper, and General Industrial markets.

Standard Liquid End Materials of Construction:

Pulsar® Hypopump






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