Lining Systems

We offer selected products for chemical-resistant lining for:

• Acid & alkali immersion

• Oxidizing acids

• Crack bridging capabilities

• Hot Wet chlorine

• Organic chemicals

• Some fiberglass reinforced- subjected to immersion and corrosive chemical environments.


Product Offering:

• TIP TOP LINING 64 – Chlorendic Polyester glass-mat reinforced lining 180 mils nominal thickness, lining excellent for chromic acid exposure, as well as oxidizing acids and hot wet chlorine. Limited resistance to alkalis.

• TIP TOP LINING 65 (concrete application) – Vinyl ester glass-mat reinforced lining 180 mils thick, chemical resistant lining for acid, mild alkali immersion and hypochlorites.

• TIP TOP LINING 74 – A heavy duty Novolac Vinyl Ester glass-mat reinforced, 1/8″ nominal thickness, chemical resistant lining resists a broader range of organic chemicals such as HCL and Phosphoric Acids for secondary containment sumps or tanks.

• Light to heavy duty monolithic systems designed for long term protection of steel and concrete substrates exposed to a wide range of chemical environments. Specially graded fillers are used combined with inert flake, cloth, or mat reinforcement and a full range of resins to protect against moisture permeation and chemical attack, as well as bridging cracks in concrete and resistance to abrasion and mechanical abuse.


We offer Concrete Lining Applications for the following:

• Foundations

• Trenches

• Pits

• Containment Dikes

• Vaults

• Clarifiers

• Thickener Tanks

• Neutralization Tanks


We offer Steel Lining Applications for the following:

• Process Vessels

• Scrubbers & Ductwork

• Stacks

• Ionization Vessels

• Separators

• Large Diameter Piping

• Pickling, Plating, & Cleaning Tanks


Product Offering:

• REMA Coroflex Linings – A crack-bridging, high performance lining capable of bridging cracks of up to 70 mils. This system utilizes a synergistic relationship between the elastomeric liner and the glass reinforced mat, coupled with any REMA lining or coating system to provide maximum chemical resistance and concrete crack bridging.