F Series Ultra High Purity

Air-Operated Double Diaphragm Pumps Yamada F-Series Clean Room Manufactured pumps were specifically designed for the safe and efficient transfer of Ultra High-Purity Process Chemistries. They provide maximum corrosion resistance, ultra high-purity levels and low particle generation. The pumps include 100% machined virgin PTFE diaphragms, liquid chambers and manifolds. Yamada offers five sizes of F-Series Pumps, available with Flaretek®, FNPT, or ANSI-Flange fluid connections with flow rates of 1 gallon to 35 gallons per minute. They operate at air pressures ranging from 20 to 100 PSI and temperature up to 212° F (100° C).

Truly Non-Lubricated Air Valve

The patented air valve on all Yamada F-Series pumps never requires lubrication or pre-packing. Plus, it is easily accessible without disassembling the pump.

Wetted Parts

To ensure maximum corrosion resistance, purity levels and low particle generation, Yamada pumps feature diaphragms, liquid chambers and manifolds that are machined from 100% virgin PTFE.

Polypropylene and High Density Polyethylene are used in the air motor section (non-wetted) to ensure resistance in a corrosive environment.

Extended Performance Diaphragms

All Yamada F-Series diaphragms are manufactured from 100% virgin PTFE. As a result, these diaphragms will last up to twice as long as those found in many competitive pumps. In addition, incorporating minimal shaft travel reduces pump pulsation.

Click on the links below for detailed specs on each series:

DP-5F                    DP-10F                    DP-20F                    DP-25F