Pump and Corrosion Technologies strives to offer its clients cutting-Edge technology, affordability, and low maintenance systems. Below are some highlighted products serving a variety of industries.


Pulsafeeder PulsaPro Series

  • 5-Year Drive Train Warranty
  • API 675 Compliant

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Maag News


Maag Automatik

Maag, the world’s most trusted name in the Extrusion Melt Pumps and Polymer gear pumps, Screen Changers, Filters, Mixers, Pelletizers and engineered systems. Click for more information.



Dynapump LE Series

Teikoku USA’s low cost, ANSI Hydraulic and ANSI Dimensional, Leak-proof, canned motor pump. Teikoku’s solution to costly, leak-prone ANSI mechanically sealed and Mag-Drive process pumps.


The Dynapump LE Series Canned Motor Pump continues the rich tradition of providing the highest quality sealless, leakproof canned motor pumps. The Dynapump LE Series offers the highest quality, best available sealless technology at a very affordable price.

DynaPump LE Series Advantages

Features: Dynapump LE MAG Drive Pumps Mechanical Sealed Pumps
Diagnostics: Bearing Wear Monitor NONE NONE
Secondary Containment: Yes No No
Shaft Alignment: Not Required Required on power frame units Required on power frame units
Number of Bearings: Only 2 4 to 6 4 to 6
Number of moving parts: One 2-3 2-3
Foundation requirements: None Rigid on Long Coupled Units Rigid on Long Coupled Units
Maintenance Safety Requirements: None High risk of Injury None
Mounting: Vertical Or Horizontal Horizontal Horizontal


BLACOH Pulsation Dampeners

Blacoh ProductsBLACOH, the leader in fluid pulsation dampening for positive displacement pumps, is an addition to the Pump & Corrosion Technologies’ product portfolio. BLACOH offers Dampeners for metering pumps and Air Operated Double Diaphragm pumps in numerous designs and materials of construction with various Air Control options for Industrial Chemical services, General Industry and sanitary services. Please visit BLACOH’s website for additional information.


Eclipse Metallic PumpPulsafeeder’s Eclipse

Pulsafeeder’s Eclipse non-metallic, mag-drive, gear pump product now features the addition of the Eclipse Metallic mag-drive, gear pump. The metallic Eclipse is identical dimensionally and hydraulically to the non-metallic Eclipse. Further, the metallic Eclipse utilizes most of the internal components provided in the non-metallic Eclipse. The metallic Eclipse’s Housings are available in either 316SS or Hastelloy-C materials of construction while still utilizing the non-metallic Housing Liner to prevent wear of the alloy Housing. Please visit our Eclipse section for additional information.

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